Would You Believe Me

     Music: Would you believe me if I lied, Artist: Doug Bruce (ITunes)
     Choreographer: Margaret Warren, Launceston, Tas. Jan, 2013
     4 Wall, 32 Beat, Beginner, Improver, Line dance, 1 tag
     Start on vocals after 16 Beat Intro
  Beats                               Step Description
                  Side, Kick, Side, Kick, Across, Side, Behind, Sweep
1,2,3,4       Step R to R side, kick L low kick across R,
             Step L to L side, kick R low kick across L

5,6,7,8       Step R across L, step L to side, step R behind L
                  Sweep L to side  ready  to step behind R on 1st step of next section

                  Behind, Side, Across, Point, Cross, Point, Cross, Point
1,2,3,4       Step L behind R, step R to side, step L across R, point R to side
5,6,7,8       Cross step R over L, point L to side, cross step L over R, point R to side
                  Step R Back, Drag, Step L Back, Drag, Turn Sailor, Hold
1,2,3,4       Step back on R, drag L toes & touch beside R
                  Step back on L, drag R toes & touch beside L
5,6,7,8       Step R behind L making  turn R, step L beside R, step fwd on R, hold 
                  Run, Run, Run, Hitch, Back, Hitch, Back, Hitch
1,2,3,4        Run fwd 3 small steps  on L, small hitch on R
5,6,7,8        Step back on R, small hitch on L, step back on L, small hitch on R

32           Repeat to new Wall

There is a 4 Beat tag at the end of the 5th Wall facing (3 o’cl)
Step R to side, touch L beside R, Step L to side, touch R beside L
To finish dance, on last wall, Turn R, step fwd on R, step L beside R

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