Choreographer: Anne Herd (Tamworth, Australia) October 2012
Song: I Want It That Way (3:05) 1.27bpm
CD: I Want It That Way
Artist: Hot Banditoz
32 count, 4 wall Easy Intermediate Moving CCW

Start dancing on lyrics (16 counts in)
[1-8]                Front Side Sailor, Front Side Coaster
1-2-3&4          Cross R over L , Step L to L side , Step R behind L , Step L to L
                        side , Step to R side ,

5-6-7&8          Cross L over R , Turn L as you step back on R , Step L back ,
                        Step R beside L , Step L forward .

[9-16]              Touch, Step, Touch, Step, Rock/Replace, Shuffle
1-2-3-4            Turn L touch R side, Turn R step R together. Turn R
                        touch L to side, Turn L, step together

5-6-7&8          Rock forward on R replace weight to L, turn R, Step R
                        forward, bring L together step R forward

                        (optional: replace the shuffle with a 1 triple turn
                        stepping RLR)

[17-24]            Pivot, Forward Shuffle. Side Rock, Coaster
1-2-3&4          Step onto L, pivot R take weight to R. Step L forward, bring R
                        together, step L forward.

5-6-7&8          Rock to R side, replace L. Turn R, bring R beside L, step L
                        together, step R forward.

[25-32]            Rock/Replace. Step Drag Touch, Step Drag Touch. Coaster
1-2-3-4            Rock forward on L, step back onto R. Step back on L diagonal 
                        as you drag R towards L and touch R beside L

5-6-7&8          Step back on R diagonal as you drag L towards R and touch L
                        beside R. Step back on L, bring R beside L, step L forward

[32]. Restart Dance

To end dance: You will be facing the front. Dance to count 14 (rock replace) step back on R and drag L towards R.

Contact: anneherd@bigpond.com - 0428693501
Last Revision - 28th November 2012

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