Music: I’ll Share My World With You; Artist: Jason Allen, (ITunes)
Choreographed  by: Sue Fisher & Margaret Warren. Tasmania, Jan. 2013
32 Beat, 2 Wall, Easy Intermediate, Line Dance, No Tags or Restarts
16 Beat Intro after Beat kicks in, When he sings (with you)                   

                             Behind, Replace, Side, Behind, Replace, Tog,  Fwd, Replace, Tog
                             Turn Fwd, Replace, Tog.
1,2   1,2& 3,4 &    Step R behind L, replace on L, step R to side,
                             Step L behind R, replace on R, step L tog
5,6   5,6&7,8,&     Rock fwd on R, replace on L, step R tog, turn L & step fwd on L
                             Replace on R, step L beside R 

                             Turn, Side Replace, Cross Shuffle, Tog, Rock, Replace,
                              Turn Shuffle

1,2  1,2,3&4          Step R forward, turn L, replace on L, cross shuffle, R,L,R, over L,
&5  &5,6,7&8       Step to side on L, rock step R over L, replace on L,
                             Turn R, shuffle forward, R,L,R 

                              Fwd, Turn,  Replace, Cross, Back, Turn, Step, Touch, Full Turn
1,2  1,2,3&4           Step fwd on L & turn R, replace on R, cross L over R,
                              Step back on R turn L, turn L, stepping L to side,
       5,6,7,8             Touch R beside L, make full turn R, stepping, R, L, R 

                              Tog, Fwd, Fwd, Coaster fwd, Back, Back, L Sailor
&1  &1,2,3&4        Step tog. on L, step fwd on R, crossing slightly in front of  L
                              Step fwd on L, crossing  slightly in front of R
                              Step fwd on  R, step L beside R, step R back
5,6  5,6,7&8           Sweep L & step behind R, Sweep R & step behind L
                              Step L behind R, step R to side, step L to side

           32               Repeat to new wall 

         Dance ends at front wall after beat 24 (full turn R)

        Contact: (mwarren34@bigpond.com.au) (sue.fisher3@bigpond.com)

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